Saturday, September 17, 2011

Elocution Competition

Elocution Competition was held on Friday August 5, 2011.The participants were from classes III to V. The aim behind this competition was to inculcate the habit of speaking without hesitation and with a clear diction. To develop confidence and eloquence, courage and panache to express their thoughts and ideas. The classes were divided into two groups

1. Group-A: Class III A,B,C
2. Group-B: Class IV and V

The Topics:
1. Cruelty to Animals
2. Conservation of Water
3. How does pollution effects our Environment?
4. Disadvantages of Plastics
The judges for both the groups:
Sandhya madam, Lakshmi madam (White House)
The winners:

1. Nihar Shah III-B (Agni House)
2. Dev Bhalawat III-A ( Jal House)
3. Sowmya Iyer III-B (Vayu House)

1. Kanishka Bhindoria V-B (Prithvi House), Mannat Sharma V-B(Vayu House)
2. Honey Raval IV (Jal House)
3. Khushi Rathi IV (Prithvi House)

The main criteria for selecting the student were content, relevance to the topic, body language, appropriate diction and energy level. The children performed enthusiastically.

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